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A 3D Virtual Showcase

is a High Definition Photo Quality 3D Virtual Model of any interior space.

At VirtualSpace.ky, we can create a 3D Virtual Showcase that is the ultimate tool to help you sell a home, rent a condo or banquet hall, show off a gallery, museum, or wellness center, or any other interior space you can think of.  The only limit is your imagination. 

Explore a
3D Virtual Showcase

All showcases are touchscreen enabled.
Or, use your keyboard’s 4 arrow keys to move or spin or use your mouse to turn, look up and down, and use the scroll button to move forward or reverse or reverse.

Google Street View

Google Street View

Add your business to Google Street View! Our 3d virtual tour technology is approved for Google Street View. Increase exposure and increase business with Google Street View.

The Process

Creating a 3D Virtual Space 
3D Pro Camera

3D Pro Camera

3D Pro Camera

This is what makes it all possible. Our 3D Pro Camera is a specially designed camera with 9 lenses and infrared sensors that records 360 degree scans at numerous locations within a "space".  The space is mapped using millions of data points, and the innovative software then combines the data from every scan location into one large photo realistic Virtual 3D Space.

Preparing the Space

Preparing the Space

Just like an open house showing...

You will want the space being scanned to be shown in the best possible way.  Tidying up is essential as the end product will show exactly what the camera sees.  Fluff pillows, position any decoration items such as magazines and plants. Adding a fruit basket or fresh flowers can make a world of difference.

On Site Scanning

Scanning the Space

Our expert will take numerous 360 degree scans

A 1,500sq  ft condo will typically take 30 scans to ensure a good quality 3D Virutal Showcase.  The larger the space to be scanned, the more scan locations required.  As many as 200 separate scans may be needed for really large projects!

On site editing of the 3D Space

Editing the 3D Virtual Space

On site editing ensures all areas of the space are captured.

Our expert will follow the progress of the project as each scan is completed, ensuring that the entire space is captured and is as optimal as possible.  Once scanning is completed, the data is uploaded for final processing and optimization.

The Finished Product

A Stunning 3D Virtual Showcase that can be viewed in a web browser.

After uploading the scans, powerful algorithms go to work processing the real-world data into an immersive 3D Virtual Space.
In a matter of hours, your space could be experienced online, from anywhere in the world. You will be able to add the 3D Virtual Showcase to any website just like you would with a video, so users can experience on web and mobile.  No special gear, plug-ins or downloads required.
Dollhouse View

Dollhouse View

A unique 3D view of the entire space

Dollhouse view provides you with a beautiful 3D rendition of your home, condo or space.  Tilt, rotate, and zoom-in and out to view the space from all angles.  It works especially well with multi floor homes. Click anywhere in the model to begin a walk through of the 3D Virtual Space from that location.

3D Floor Plan

 3D Floor Plan View

Top down, 3D Floor Plan view of your space.

Created using actual images of the space, see exactly where everything is in relation to each other.  Combined with Dollhouse View, these 2 views offer a powerful tool for understanding the layout of the scanned space.

VIew Online

Move Through the 3D Virtual Space

Viewable in any modern web browswer

View the Dollhouse and 3D Floor Plans, or move through the 3D Space in 1st person mode in your web browser.  No special gear or programs are needed. Our Technology uses WebGL, which is supported by all modern web browsers on Android, iOS and Windows. 

Outdoor 360 degree Panorama

Outdoor 360 Degree Panorama Photos

Capture Balconies, Terraces, and other outdoor spaces

Though the 3D Virtual main tour is for interior spaces, we will also capture beautiful 360 degree outdoor panorama's to include with the showcase as well. Show off that stunning view, and give your potential customers a good understanding of the outdoor spaces included with the property as well.

High Definition Photographs

High Definition Photographs

HD up to 4K quality

We can provide 20+ ultra high quality images (up to 5664 x 3186 pixels) taken directly from the various scan locations within the interior space and/or from the outdoor 360 scans.  No need to pay for a traditional photographer, as your needs are fully covered during the process of  creating the 3d Virtual Showcase!

Schematic Floor Plans

Schematic Floor Plans

No need to pay someone else to create them!

Professional black-and-white floor plans, quickly and easily generated from any Space. Accuate to within 1% of actual measurements.
A quick and easy way to create a floor plan.

True VR

Convert to Core VR

We can even fully convert your 3D Virtual Space to be compatible with CORE VR technology.  The space can then be viewed in true VR with Google Cardboard, Occulus GearVR or similar 3D glasses.

A Variety of Applications

Many industries can benefit from using a 3D Virtual Showcase
Real Estate

Real Estate

The Perfect tool for Real Estate

Sellers and buyers alike are wowed by the immersive 3D experience.  Gain more listings and sell them faster.  A 3D Virtual Showcase allows buyers to see what they are buying - perfect if you have a lot of off island buyers!  Increase your sales with a 3D Tour!

Vacation Rentals

Vacation Rentals / Hotels

Tourists want to see it 1st

Tourists paying thousands of dollars for a vacation would love to experience their accommodation before committing to a rental.
A 3D Virtual Showcase is the only way to truly offer that.  Give your visitors what they need.  Stand out from the other rental properties, and enjoy an increase in conversions and rental revenue!

Museums and Galleries

Cultural Spaces

Museums and Galleries

Capture your Art Gallery or Museum in a 3D Virtual Showcase.

Architecture, Construction

Construction / Architecture

Finished or in Progress

Show the progress of a new construction project, or show off the finished Space.  A model home or show home captured in a 3D Virtual Showcase can vastly enhance your presentation, and ensure greater interest and quicker sales.

Retail, Banquet, Wellness, Fitness


Any Public Space

Perfect for showing off your retail "space", whether it is a Wellness Center, Fitness Center, Banquet Hall, retail store or Restaurant. A great tool for showing wedding venues and meeting spaces.

Yachts, Tour Boats, Airplanes


Yachts, Tour Boats, Airplanes

If you offer special transportation or tours to the public, show them what your yacht, boat, submarine or vehicle offers with a 3D Virtual Showcase.  

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